Zandu Pure Honey ad featuring Sakshi Tanwar ensures you to provide “No Added Sugar Honey” which you can validate yourself


Honey is useful only when it gives the full one hundred percent with no added preservatives and no added sugar and that is the only guarantee and the only proof of a pure honey and we can nothing ask for more when we have Zandu Pure Honey that has it all.

It’s the purest honey around that has been scientifically tested and has also proof for the same that you can check. Zandu Pure Honey gives you the full hundred percent and then, there’s no added sugar in it. This is what the TVC demonstrates.

The TVC features Sakshi Tanwar who uses no other honey then Zandu pure honey which is also good for her family health and also protects you from diseases. In the TVC, Sakshi Tanwar also shows the bar code which is a proof that the honey is hundred percent safe.

Zandu Pure Honey is the best for your family and it’s the best.