Zakir Hussian Becomes the Brand Ambassador Of Sonodyne


Zakir Hussian is the the world’s renowned tabla maestro, composer and percussionist who has brought nations pride several times by winning great achievements at international level. Recently, Sonodyne an Indian electronics company manufacturing speakers, amplifiers and active speakers announced Zakir Hussian as their brand ambassador. We really missed him, as for quite a long time he was not seen in any ad, all we remember is his ‘Wah Tej’ ad.

Sonodyne has unleashed a video of 1.38 minutes where Zakir Hussian shares how important it is for maestro to connect with his instrument. The video is very simple yet impactful, it has been given a monochrome look which outsets with Zakir Hussian sharing his views on the importance of relating the artist’s inner self with his instrument which brings perfection in his performance.

This video has no distractions the sole focus is given here to the maestro and his ideology towards his performance and how he feels when he connects his soul with his instruments soul. He also adds that after connecting with the instrument he experiences a flying journey which is like a roller coaster ride and that enhances the performance.

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