Watch this Ad where a young child nurtures book reading and her motivating journey at Crossword Book Stores


Book reading is gradually losing momentum due to the onslaught of digital devices like the mobile phone, tablets and E-book readers. However the charm of reading a book in its magnificent physical form is quite unique and gives pleasure of the highest order. Crossword is India’s largest and most famous bookstore chain and this thought-provoking advertisement gives us a unique viewpoint to this disturbing trend from a child’s perspective.

In the first frame, we are introduced to a young girl who is completely engrossed in reading an interesting story book at one of the many Crossword stores. Soon, she notices a guy clicking selfies with a book, while his data pack runs low. There is another person browsing through books while listen to music and his music player’s battery runs low too. The young girl is confused and decides to check others in the book store.

She notices that every other person is engaged with some digital device or other, either chatting, playing games or listening to music. She is disappointed since she has experienced the joy of reading and wants others to experience it too. With great apprehension, she moves into another section where, to her amazement, she finds a guy actually reading a book and enjoying it too.

The ad has been brilliantly shot with some amazing expressions from the lead child actor. It reiterates the fact that books nourish our thoughts and mind and are an essential part of growing as individuals. More importantly, books never run out of battery.

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