Watch Superstar Hrithik Roshan dancing away to glory while removing Naye Zamane ke Ziddi Daag in this Nirma Advance ad!


Imagine walking into a party, staring at an attractive person of the opposite gender, being bumped into by a pesty kid and spilling your drink over your shirt? Embarrassed? This is exactly what happens to megastar Hrithik Roshan as he struggles to maintain a cool exterior while rushing off to wash the tough stains.

As he enters the washroom, he meets a young boy with a similar stain on his tee-shirt and both notice Nirma Advance on the counter. What follows is an amazing session of fabulous dancing and some truly foot-tapping music with Hrithik dancing away to glory as usual. What is great to see is the young boy match steps with the amazing dancer that Hrithik Roshan himself is and the synchronization is mind-boggling.

Both manage to wash off their stained clothes and are about to leave when the door opens and this beautiful girl walks in, with a stain on her dress too. The ad is a mesmerizing one with some never-seen-before dance steps enacted beautifully by Hrithik and his young partner. The foot-tapping dance music is perfect and the ad makes its point about being able to clean new age stains.

This fresh and good-looking ad is a joy to watch and eye-candy Hrithik Roshan is the icing on the cake. Watch this ad here!

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