Watch out for John Lewis 2016 Christmas festive advert Biff the Boxer !!


John Lewis latest Christmas festive advert’s super star is: a hound called Buster aka Biff the Boxer.

Biff is only 5 year old who takes the centre stage in this commercial.The advert features Biff as Buster the dog, who is enviously observing  the neighbourhood’s wildlife leap around on the family’s brand new trampoline on Christmas Eve.For the first time there is also a black family a six-year-old girl, Summer from London, who is beaten to her trampoline present by Buster

The advert is shot entirely on a set that looks like an townhouse in Black Island studios in London.With the cost £1m to make this advert, it also  features CGI versions of bouncing Buster, foxes, badgers, squirrels and hedgehogs.

There is an additional £6m spend on for TV slots, debut screening at 9.15pm tonight .They are putting up an impressive virtual reality version in its flagship Oxford Street store.The upmarket store will  be selling plush toy for £12, different versions of the featured animals in woodland animal-themed children’s’ books, pyjamas and the trampoline. The department store has mentioned that 10pc of the toy sales will be given to the country’s Wildlife Trusts charities.

This famous five-year-old red and white Boxer is owned by Jan Patten in Bedfordshire.It also has a sister, Pamala, who is starring in British handbag brand Radley’s seasonal advert. John Lewis and animal enthusiasts will also be able to download Snapchat filters featuring Buster the dog, Twitter stickers and get a chance to watch the behind the scenes footage with Wildlife TV presenter Patrick Aryee exclusively on Sky for a week.

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