Watch how women’s safety is tackled effectively with the Sonata ACT range of watches ad


The safety of girls and women travelling alone, especially at late hours, has always been a concern for their families, but that’s not an issue any more. Sonata’s ACT is a product that takes care of the safety factor in a simple way and this ad demonstrates it in an effective way. These watches have a safety device installed in it that alerts 10 selected phone numbers with along with the location.

We see a couple with a baby, arrive at a desolate bus stand late in the night and settle down for some time. They notice two girls with huge kit bags, sitting opposite them. The woman asks one of them about the game they play to which the girl replies that they are athletes and are travelling for national selection. The couple is concerned that they are travelling alone but the girls are confident.

The girls then shows the watch she is wearing, Sonata ACT, which has a button at the 8 o clock position. In times of distress, when this button is pushed twice, a message is sent to select 10 mobile numbers with the location details.

The ad has a fluid and natural way that it unfolds and the Haryanvi accent is a delight to listen to. The usefulness of the Sonata ACT range of watches is highlighted beautifully in this brand new commercial.

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