Watch how to solve a Lover’s tiff with Parle’s Kismi-a new generation chewy chocolate ad


Parle’s Kismi has been around for decades and many generations have tasted its sweetness and chewy flavour. This youthful and enjoyable ad takes us into the world of love, tiffs and making-up in a short and crisp manner. The ad beautifully captures the lover’s tiff where the boy is waiting for the girl’s anger to subside and spends some anxious moment below her home.

Using the smartphone, the lover boy sends her various emojis in the hope that she will relent, but the girl refuses to acknowledge and shoots down each one of them. The animation is fun to watch while all this drama unfolds. Finally the boy is reminded of Parle Kismi which he is carrying in his pocket and he photographs the same and sends it to his girlfriend.

In a typical filmi manner, the girl is highly impressed and relents finally, after which she is rewarded with a resounding kiss. The light-hearted fun ad is great fun to watch and enjoy the lovely moments shared by a couple in love.