Watch how cleanliness and hygiene is being promoted by Domex in their #HaathMunhBum initiative!


India is a huge country with a large population, 1.3 billion to be exact, and this poses its own set of problems, especially on the hygiene front. Surveys show that exactly half the population has access to a toilet thus implying that more than 600 million are left to defecate in open spaces.

This has a great impact on the safety of women & children, where health takes a major hit, not to mention the loss of dignity. Hindustan Lever’s Domex in association with PSI and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has taken a worthy initiative to provide access to a toilet on a global level.

The video shows us how people have been trained to build toilets in a quick and efficient manner and since the initiative has begun more than 70000 toilets have been constructed in Bihar with an aim to reach 115000 households. The purpose of this entire exercise is to promote clean habits and the rural areas seemed to have realized its importance.

The clip introduces us to the proud owners of safe, clean and secure toilets and it is a wonderful ownership to have. Domex has always been an icon of cleanliness and hygiene with the #HaathMunhBum catching the imagination of people of India, the promise of providing toilets seems to becoming a reality.

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