Watch how a star-struck fan gets Priyanka Chopra’s attention in this lovely musical advertisement


Priyanka Chopra is an huge star in India and is making her presence felt in Hollywood too. Her music album too hit the bull’s eye. The Beats Audio ad uses her international popularity quite intelligently.

While Priyanka is lounging around in her open air balcony, reading and enjoying the day, we see a young man trying to get her attention from the street below, by playing her popular song “I can’t make you love me”.

The volume level of the song is pretty low and he is unable to reach out to Priyanka through it. He wonders what he should be doing in order to grab her attention, when an idea strikes him. He visits the “Beats by dr. dre” store where the sales guy suggests he buy the Bluetooth speaker.

Our guy does exactly the same and this time when he stands below Priyanka’s balcony and plays her song, she looks at him in an instant and grooves along with him to the song. The ad is a simple yet great-to-watch due to the presence of Priyanka Chopra and a beautiful song in the background.

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