Watch how a Coach inspires us to give it our best shot in this inspirational Robomate+ ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan


In every field and every aspect of our lives, we all need the expert guidance and help of a professional coach who knows everything about the subject and can navigate us through the difficult paths. This new Robomate + advertisement tells us how the presence of a coach or a mentor in our lives makes the difference between being good and becoming great.

The powerful presence of Amitabh Bachhan and his resonant voice provides a fabulous touch to this commercial as we see a young shooter being guided by her coach while she goes about practicing her art. Even if we are good at our skills, the coach will always find something missing and makes us practice even more, all in the search of reaching the top most level in everything that we do.

Similarly, Robomate+ also acts as our personal guide and coach in helping us maximise our potential whether it is during school, high school or any professional entrance exams for MBA, IIT, Engg, CA and Medical. The ad is extremely inspiring and the message about reaching our goal irrespective of the challenges is brilliantly conveyed.

The superstar’s voice and his presence is an added bonus and so is the shooting practice that depicts the girl hitting the bulls-eye. Get inspired to give it your best shot every time you watch this motivating ad here!

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