Watch Chef Harpal Sing Sokhi in action with a mouth-watering recipe, Thanks to Reliance Fresh ad!


This Reliance Fresh short ad plus cooking show excerpt tells us about an easy and extremely interesting way of preparing Baked Roti Lasagne and is presented by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi in his own imitable manner. This short film begins with the celebrated chef walking the aisles at a Reliance Fresh outlet where he comes to a stop at a counter that displays Hero Veg for the day “Brinjal”.

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi then promises us viewers to share the secret recipe of “Baked Roti Lasagne” and does exactly that. In a witty and humorous manne, Chef Harpal takes us through the steps of preparing this mouth-watering dish from ingredients that are available in our household on a regular basis.

Right from preparing white sauce to the actual preparation of the dish, we get all the details in a fluid and interesting manner.

This short and crisp ad has all the ingredients of a hit recipe and promises a fresh, tasty and nutritious meal for the entire family, thanks to Reliance Fresh.

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