Waiting for food can prove lethal- this Twigly Foods ad is hilarious but also warns


Needless to you but if you are a foodie, then you can relate to the following video. Often we got hit while we are in a restraunt and waiting for our yummy order that is yet to be placed but what kills time till the order arrives and what kills you before the order arrives. This little animated feature is a take, actually a hilarious take as what possibly could happen if you don’t chose a quick and a good service. Though it’s a joke but still it can leave you harm.

So it all starts like a guy who has been waiting long for his order and to kill the time, he picks up little small pieces of a food item kept as reserved on the table and starts eating them. Next he uses his skills, places the little food item on fork, hit its nibs, the food item bounced to his mouth. He repeats the same with and extra force for another successful attempt and finally again with double force which finally downs him.

The basic message is that chose the service which is reliable to you, which bring you the best service and is quick.

Twigly- Good food delivered fast.

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