VSSUT- A hope away from Home


Engineering, Burla. The college is based on the name of a revolutionary fighter and only this, the college has a long long history to be look upon.

Started under Jawahar Lal Nehru, the story starts from Mahanadi and Hirakud dam which is now the longest dam built in history. It’s in Orissa. When the dam was created, the very obvious thing that came upon was that who will handle the dam or who are the persons will look upon this. To battle the situation, an engineering institute was built in Burla, named as VSSUT.

Started with three departments and seventy students is now reached over a huge amount where students learn engineering and take over the job. It’s not just learning, they are prepared for the outer world challenges. They experiment over there, make flaws and rise again. VSSUT is one such institute where a feeling will touch you instinctly that you are not away from home. There are fellow students as freinds to look after you, to care for you. In fact the alumni and the teachers and the heads are also well co-operative.

VSSUT, glorious since 1965 has been creating landmarks in the journey of success and will continue to do so. Students over there are happy to be VSSUTians.

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