Verizon Innovative Learning Program that promotes and boosts women in different fields of education!


As per various studies conducted in the education field, the percentage of females enrolling themselves for courses and careers related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) is extremely low. The Verizon Innovative Learning Program focusses on improving the percentages through better learning techniques and teaching methods, thus empowering women to make contributions towards creating technology than simply using it.

STEM are the pillars of human advancement and it is important that women, who form a large percentage of the population, contribute to it by selecting careers related to STEM. There are many reason why women do not nurture dreams of making careers in these critical areas. Social motivation, lack of role models and mentors, naivety about various opportunities at STEM and old-fashioned teaching tools in schools and colleges are some of the prime reasons for ignoring STEM related careers.

This learning program seeks to ensure equal participation from women by introducing better teaching methods which will ensure better engagement and understanding of these subjects. This animated ad provides all the essential details one would need as a strong and effective voice-over helps understand the details in an easy and fluid manner. Both students and teachers have a joyous experience learning and teaching these crucial educational streams.

Watch how this initiative could transform the way women contribute to the society and bring a much needed change.

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