This video on Aarifa Bhinderwala of Mumbai who does pole dancing reveals many things about women associated with pole dancing and is superb


It is well known that Pole dancing is an art that is performed at strip clubs etc and women associated with this pole dancing are considered low in this society. This video is all about a young girl named Aarifa Bhindewala who is proving many wrong about the notions associated with pole dancing and the women doing this pole dancing.

It is important to note that women community must dress properly and not talk about sex openly but this Aarifa Bhinderwala who is a Muslim has proved many that wearing short and scanty clothes does not make the women less conservative. According to her clothes does not dictate the mindset of a person and she says not every person who is fully covered is conservative. It was during her visit to Australia she first came across this pole dancing and she was attracted towards it to get some relief from her pre menstrual issues.

It is now said that this pole dancing empowers her and gives great self confidence. It is great that her mom gave full support for her in pole dancing and this pretty Aarifa now teaches many women.

In this video from Blush Aarifa Bhinderwala speaks her heart out about her life and journey towards feeling good about herself. She also talks about her body and few things regarding sexuality. Awesome Aarifa Bhinderwala!!

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