This is the best Diwali ad by Nearbuy – The story of hard-working Sophie


Hard-work pays off and Sophie from Manipur is the best example for it. She works in a hotel and she works much harder. She has a story. A story which will melt your heart but here that’s not the point. For Sophie, it’s a surprise that she gets four months of her salary in just one day and this was her biggest Diwali surprise.

Sophie is a server in a hotel in Mumbai who works hard till the end of the day and she often gets to her hometown, Manipur. Mumbai is very hard for those people who earn less and it becomes very difficult to manage in such a city with a very less income in your hand. But for Sophie, this Diwali proves to be lucky. She in return for her hard-work gets 1 year free air ticket to her hometown and also 4 months’ salary in advance by Nearbuy people.

This was the best Diwali gift she has received. Sophie is uneducated but she wants her brother and sister to study hard and she will be supporting them.

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