This Google App ad promises to make your life easy


Sometimes, no actually most of the times it happens with most of us that we don’t most of the words written in typical English and we don’t get them. But there has to be an alternative for everything and fro such typical English, there is one and only alternative known as Google App.

Google App has an answer for your every question, you just have to type your search and the app will translate it for you. This TVC shows the same where an old man is in a marriage ceremony and as he moves towards the dinner queue, he was shocked as well as surprised by the dishes name written in quite a typical English.

He moved on with an empty plate reading the names until a boy helped him out as he read the name of a dish and searched it back on Google App and hinted him the dish name Eggplant as Baingan Bharta.

Well it’s quite simple as it seems. Google App is there for your every query.

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