This Girl Ad Film is the next take of Brand Factory


Brand is something we always crave for, especially girls. She have the tendency to go only for the brand, a step below will not work for them. Brand is something, if asked to girls, is to have everything as a status symbol that defines you in front of other people and then here comes this hilarious take with a very similar definition. The TVC will definitely blow your mind after finding out the actual reason for the girl’s cry and it was not the funeral but something else that left her in tears. To find out the real reason, here is the video for you.

The TVC starts with a funeral where every women is paying respect to the dead and amidst the crowd, there are two girls present who are just showcasing their products to each other and show what brands are they using and continuously teases the other girl when finally she shows her the branded purse of the Brand Factory and this left the first girl in tears.

Brand Factory offers you various brands and it’s here to leave a magical spell on you.

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