This Freecharge ad empowers the common man to spend cash at will in this crisp and zingy advertisement!


This Freecharge ad is a peppy and engaging advertisement which has a nice zing to it. In these challenging times where everyone is thinking about ways to pay for daily expenses, the payment apps have become a saviour. Be it the auto-rickshaw or the restaurant bill or cash to be paid for your daily coffee fix, payment through the Freecharge app is here to set us free from all the hassles of not having cash in our pockets.

The ad very cleverly shows the predicament of a young man who while seated at a restaurant, is worried about all the other expenses he will have to make if he orders for food. The various characters shown in the ad are quite funny and are easy to identify with. The chain of events the young man envisions is fast-paced and quick and also has a nice humorous twist to it.

The ad ends with a small demo of ways to fill the Freecharge wallet and pay to all those concerned. The peppy and fresh music score in the background is perfectly suited for the ad and keeps us thoroughly engaged for the duration of the ad.

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