There is no place like home- Asian paints presentation ad ‘Jaha Khwab Rehte Hai’


Every home has a story to tell. The vivid memories of his life are preserved within his home’s walls. Nostalgia is remembering them. There is no other better place than home. Our dreams have grown up in our home. We have seen them growing and its we who have nurtured those dreams. Asian paints brings you the most amazing experience ever.

For clients, there is everything you need to do until he is impressed by your creativity and this leads to a number of working methods, making different quotes till one suits your sixths sense and then there is the pressure of your boss who is constantly looking for something from your side and then there is a motivation for each of us. Asian paints did this. She was meditating until she receive a note and the she began thinking how a home feels like, how it feels to be in your home. There are memories and there are preservance of your memories. She makes a quote based on her home thinking and it hits the boss.

This ad from Asia paints has done a marvelous job and it deserves your attention.

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