The Tale of Thomas Burberry – Burberry Festive Film 2016


Discover the tale of Thomas Burberry in cinematic experience, like a pure magic. Burberry has released “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”, a commercial designed as a movie trailer, telling the story of the fashion company’s founder. The trailer is described as 160 years in the making. The cinematic drama has been re-imagined in the form of events of how Burberry’s history got shaped through the eyes of the founder and the pioneering discoveries. The tale of Thomas Burberry is directed by Asif Kapadia via Black Label Productions and music is its part.

A draper who invented gabardine, a tightly woven textile, and recruited high profile customers as his brand ambassadors. The scenario goes into the scenics of love interest, war and a long journey, wearing a Burberry outfit. This goes all into the making of its start, its origin and how it became a brand.

It’s the tale of a fashion company’s founder who made it up to the mark and beyond the limit. This cinematic commercial experience is one breath-taking as the tale goes deeper to show the efforts gone into the Burberry making. The making of a brand and pioneering fashion industry.

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