The new Ad for Panasonic’s new hi tech series of LED lights is brilliantly done !

The new Ad for Panasonic's new hi tech series of LED lights is brilliantly done !

The new TVC ‘Perfectly Brilliant’ of Panasonic LED lights features its new  hi-tech range. This range ensures uniform diffusion that ensures optimum lighting without the blinding glare.

The film begins shows a family gathering, where the kid  is asked by his father to showcase his excellent rhyming skills to the whole family.  The child happily holds his rhyme book and stands directly below the light bulb while the family eagerly  waits for him to exhibit his brilliance.  However, the child in a rather confused state is unable to speak the correct words and ends up narrating the wrong version.  Everyone is surprised.

The father rushes to him and checks the rhyme book, and on examination finds that the harsh light of the LED directly above him has hampered kids vision.  The father then replaces the lights in his house with new Panasonic LED’s . This light is perfect and doesn’t hamper the kids vision and he cheerfully recites the nursery rhyme  while the family sits and enjoys.

 “The TVC has subtly conveyed the latent challenges that consumers face because of the regular LED lights The ad aims at changing the consumer’s mind-set and  why they should change from a traditional LED to the all-new Panasonic LED.

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