The funny new Cadbury Fuse ad shows the sensational way to beat office blues!


Cadbury’s latest chocolate sensation, the new Fuse, is a mind-boggling combination of chocolate, caramel and crunchy peanuts and is driving everyone crazy. The new Fuse ad is a perfect representation of this craziness that has taken over the lovers of this funky bar chocolate. In this ad, we see a young girl leading a yoga session in an office, with a group of office staff ready to follow her instructions.

The group is willingly following her directions, but when this girl turns her head she sees a huge Fuse chocolate bar waiting for her. So mesmerized is she by it, that she forgets that she is conducting a yoga session and gets into her own world with Fuse. Her audience in the meanwhile is unaware of this, and keeps following her actions, which is hilarious.

When she lunges forward and dives on to the floor, wanting to get hold of the crunchy Fuse, her office group does exactly the same. The ad has beautifully utilized the office backdrop and the motley crowd of yoga enthusiasts along with the peppy Punjabi bhangra background score. The lead model has done a fabulous job of being an awe-struck fan of Fuse and the short but crisp ad makes you want more and more.

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