The choice of gifts and gifting ideas is changing as this playful Fogg ad explains in a poetic way


Fogg perfumes and deodorants have created quite a stir in domestic and international markets due to their exclusive range of products for men and women. They are a preferred choice when it comes to gifting and this new ad by Fogg is the perfect example of the same.

We see a young and beautiful girl walk towards her friends, all of whom are attending a friends’ marriage ceremony, when her girlfriend who carrying a flower bouquet asks this girl if she has bought flowers too. The smart and witty reply by her is the highlight of this natural and good-looking advertisement.

She retorts in a poetic style, telling her that the flowers will be crushed by the morning and the groom “Rahul” would forget her gift soon. A gift should be something that will be remembered every day, like the Fogg perfume that she has bought.

The playful banter and the fabulous marriage atmosphere is quite beautifully captured in an interesting manner and the natural acting by every character, especially the lead girl, makes it a treat to watch. The ad has a soothing background score that adds to the charm of this ad.

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