Sunday is her holiday- For every women out there


For every women out there, Sunday is her holiday. Women never rests herself. No matter what day it is, whether it Monday or it is Sunday, you will find him working. There is not even a single day that she will consider as her own day and will take rest instead she prefers to make the Sunday also working. This is a thought for change that let’s make a Sunday, only one Sunday in her name. the day on which she can rests and we work.

Colors kicked off this campaign and its beautiful. Our lives have been surrounded with women’s. mother, sisters, wives all are working seven days a week for their families. When the dinner is over she is seen clearing the tables and the kitchen work and when the mornings rose, she is in the kitchen. She works for almost twenty four hours and seven days a week without any complaints. So let’s make a change. We will serve her. We will make a Sunday, Sunday for her. She needs a day rest and we can help with that.

This beautiful campaign is an initiative to empower our women’s.

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