Stop AllerG – Allergy ki sardi ka Doctor


Since its Diwali and the most priority is cleaning. The festival also stands for cleanliness as it is said that Goddess Laxmi resides there, where there is cleanliness. Now keeping cleanliness on side, there are other things that takes you to allergy and it may harm you or take you to bed, especially in the times of festival.

This one time, you are busy cleaning your place for the festival and simultaneously you have been also caught by cough n cold, hence you need to protect yourselves by the diseases around you. This ad film explains better where a guy remembers his mother’s words of cleaning the house in Diwali and he is doing the same but in order to clean the house, he get caught by cough allergy by the dust that comes out while cleaning.

There is only one cure for this allergy –Stop AllerG, recommended by doctors can proved to be your best friend in times of need.

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