Spammers to Tata – Goodbye with Sulekha Zero Spam Assurance ad


Spam, spam and spam-the one thing we all have reported as spam and the term spammers is one such word which has been marked in red. Now there is a new digital campaign called as ‘Zero Spam Assurance’ by Sulekha, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital platforms for local service need fulfillment had announced this service with a unique technology that assures its users that their personal information will be protected from service providers.

A lot of spam calls are being led through while customers are being connected to different service providers and with high data selling, customers keep getting unnecessary calls even after the fulfillment of their services. Hence Sulekha has came up with an effort and to pioneer such an effort, Sulekha has introduced a tech feature where the personally identifiable details of a user aren’t shared with a service partner till the user talks to them and after the service is over, the customer can remove his number from the service request which ultimately leads to block the spam calls on your phone and hence no service provider will be able to reach the consumer post this.

This is the level of Privacy at its best and surely the best effort to say goodbye to all the spammers. Spammers ko do unhi ki bhasha me Jawaab.

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