Share the joy of Diwali with everyone – Surf excel brilliant ad


Daag Achche hain-says surf excel and this is one of the brilliant ad that proves the joy of Diwali in sharing and happiness. Diwali is not only the festival of lights but also the festival of joy and happiness and sharing it with others gives you the required happiness.

When a cloth washer sees the rangoli in a house, he feels the need of Diwali which he expresses and his this expression was noted down by a boy and he along with other kids makes a plan to share the happiness and he colors his shirt in the same rangoli design and reached the washer house in the midnight. To the washer’s surprise, there were kids present with their colored shirts, the rangoli designed. The kids wished him and others and celebrate Diwali together.

The joy of happiness is much bigger than any other joy. Happy Diwali.

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