See how the stunning new Starbucks green coffee cup design was created by Japan’s Shogo Ota!


Starbucks is not only a premium and popular coffee house brand but has always been a great meeting place for like-minded individuals and a common ground where the seeds for great ideas are planted. This ad tells us about the new green cup that has been recently introduced in US stores and the story behind its creation.

The design of the cup is a unique one and the brainchild behind the absolutely mesmerizing design is Shogo Ota. The design has been created by drawing a large group of people together in one single line with the idea of bringing people together. The creation of the ad began at Shogo Ota’s tiny studio which was situated beneath the stairs in his apartment. The line is unbroken throughout and has a number of people including his young son, depicted on it.

For someone who did not speak English prior to moving to the US, it is perfect that he has used the language the entire world speaks, the language of humanity and togetherness. His company Tireman Studios, was selected by Starbucks to design a community poster series and a mural at one of their new stores.

The single line joins 132 faces which includes Shogo’s grandmother, his wife, his brother, his young son, his friends and all those who fuelled his imagination. The ad shows us how he goes about his work and the wonderful creation that this talented artist from Gifu, Japan has managed to put on the cup of one of the largest coffee chains in the world.

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