See how Saint Gobain Gyproc ceiling ad is just another fun reason for “Mehmaan Nawaazi”


Advertisements which promote products using the comical and wit-filled route, always remain ingrained in the viewer’s minds for long and Saint Gobain has used it effectively to keep the humour quotient high to showcase their gypsum ceilings range. A party at the Kumar residence is in progress and Mr Kumar welcomes one Mr Kamat and thanks him for coming.

When Kamat questions Kumar about the reason for the party, Kumar replies he has been promoted and moves on to meet another group of people. Kamat joins him there too and reminds him that no promotions happened that year to which Kumar replies that he was mentioning Mrs. Kumar’s promotion.

Kumar keeps avoiding Kamat to no avail as he reminds Kumar that Mrs Kumar is a housewife. There is a playfulness that permeates constantly through the ad and makes it extremely watchable. In a bid to distract Kamat, Kumar plays around with him and points to the screen, where we see the beautiful Gyproc ceiling in all its glory.

The ad re-iterates the fact that once it is installed, “Mehman nawaazi” comes naturally to anyone. The commercial is a fast-paced one and puts across its message quite well and in a fun way.

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