Savlon healthy hands chalk sticks ad – a step closer to ‘Swasth India’ mission


On this children’s day, the hygiene brand Savlon, took yet another step to efficiently kill the range of germs amongst the school going children.

Every day habit of children in primary school who use chalks and slate to learn, it is very common that they erase the same with their hands. The innocent children use their hands full of chalk powder and germs after the class to eat their mid-day meals. It is observed that children in their excitement to eat, do not wash their hands properly with a soap.

The same scenario is very effectively presented in a new introductory TVC by Savlon.  In the advertisement, the school teacher also expresses that it’s not just hunger that the children straight off rush to eat, but also parents at home do not usually teach their children some hygienic habits like washing hands before eating.

Hence, Savlon, has designed a soap cleanser for children in the chalk sticks itself. The colorful chalk sticks powder on children’s hand turn into soap foam when they put their hands under tap water. This innovative step has put emphasis and diverted the attention of the children on the importance of washing hands before eating.