Royal Stag is once again inspiring people with its New commercial starring Ranveer Singh!


Ranveer Singh is constantly stepping up the popularity curve with grace. He is not only rocking the big screen but is also making his presence felt in the advertisement world. He seems to be a hot favourite amongst brands because of his popularity, screen presence and the way he delivers their message.

This Royal Stag’s new commercial is inclined towards motivating people to work hard and achieve what they want. In just few seconds Ranveer is beautifully conveying this message with his life story. From getting rejected to making it large in the industry, he is able to showcase his struggle quite amazingly.

This inspiring Ad motivates people to keep working towards their goal in order to grab big things and attain self-satisfaction.

As most of the Royal Stag’s Ads are centered around their motto- Make it Large, this one with the brilliance of Ranveer Singh seems extremely appealing and motivational.

Not to miss, Ranveer is looking super-hot in this commercial!

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