Ranveer Singh’s Thums-Up Ad, Meet the Toofani


Ranveer Singh is known as the energy bar of the Hindi film Industry and also the Toofani actor who set fore on screen by his every role and now meet him on his original Toofani character in the Thums-up ad doing the best Toofani thing and what follows is a pure combination of high energy bar and a Toofani spirit deadly combo.

Till date, with Salman Khan as the brand ambassador had been doing the ads raising the Thums-up spirit amongst us and the place has been taken over by Ranveer Singh and surprisingly the actor came up with a high stunt action representing the Toofani spirit of Thums-up.

The TVC of Thums-Up with Ranveer Singh as the main lead and featured with some breath-taking stunts all over the ad. A fast biker and a Thums-Up addicted guy saves the loves of children’s. The TVC will focuses on strong will and power to do Toofani and in the most out way.

Go for Toofani – Go for Thums-up.