R.R.Kabel- Wires without worries ad is beautiful


The only motto of Ram Ratna group is ‘Innovation with purpose’. R.R. Kabel Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 company, is the first Asian manufacturer of fire-safe cables with ‘Halogen free flame Retardant’ insulation, and UNILAY strand conduction technology. This company with its amazing products pleasantly surprises its customers with its simplicity and effectiveness.

A very informative advertisement launched by the marketing department of the company captured customer’s eye on a huge scale- ‘Choose R.R.Kabel #DoTheAkalMandThing’, wherein, a very cute guy describes his confused states to buy a wire with no compromises on safety and without affecting his pocket. Then a company representative pops-in and assures him that R.R. Kabel Cables and wires would provide him with both safety and savings as it has UNILAY CORE Technology.

With the existence of world class technology and safety measures within the company, he can remain absolutely tension free. And the cute customer guy is now tension free and dances in joy with the company representatives. Thus, the advertisement approaches its targeted markets with an appropriate punch logo- ‘Choose R.R.kabel #Do the Akalmand Thing’.

R.R.Kabel has been a trendsetter in India without a doubt and is a top quality electric wires and cable makers in India.

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