Pepsi Liter of Light ad – Innovation and expansion


There’s a village where the only connectivity route is then boat and the travel distance is also long. The place is isolated. People over there lives in dark and have no facility. In fact, condition is so worst that if some insect is fallen in their food they would not be able to see it in the dark and they ate it. Women’s, men and kids over there are now used to this until some came from Pepsi Liter of Light. The innovation comes at a time when it was least expected and then people explained how it’s done.

Using plastic soft drink bottles, water, bleach and small pieces of corrugated metal, one can make a bottle light that refracts natural sunlight and produces up to 55 watts of clear light across a 40 square meter room. The bottle lights, which require no electricity, are inserted through the roofs of houses and sealed to prevent leaks.

Many homes have been benefited by the method. They finally experienced the light in their homes. Now their day and their night will not be in dark anymore.

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