Paytm ad shows how to tackle demonetization with its app ‘Chhutte ki chinta mat karo, Paytm Karo’


While the entire country is grappling with the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, the common man is faced with his own set of problems in his day to day life. The latest Paytm ad has made a wonderful effort to keep their sense of humour intact and shows the lighter side of this situation.

The ad is a short and crisp one that is able to get across its message in a humorous way. It begins with a smart young man walking across the street while speaking on the phone. He comes to a halt at a general “kirana” store where, as has become common now, a sign has been displayed saying Old notes of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 will not be accepted. It seems the young man is expecting his father-in-law at his place for the first time after marriage.

The father-in-law is keen to eat “egg bhurji” and the young man is out shopping for ingredients. With the problem at hand, the young man is reluctant to give the Rs 2000 note for six eggs expecting a backlash. The shopkeeper calls out to him and asks him not to worry and Paytm the money to him.

The ad is quite relevant to today’s issues and thus has an instant connect with us. The crispness of the ad is its USP and it also explains the simplicity of adding money to the Paytm wallet to make payments for daily needs.

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