Patanjali Detergent TV ad exhibits worse effects of using harsh detergents


Baba Ram Dev have come up a very long way, from being a yoga guru to becoming a business tycoon, a BBC reports summits that in the year 2015 his brand Patanjali had sells of more than $300 millions. This ‘Made in Bharat’ label sells everything from skin care products to pulses and flours, the latest addon in this brand is Patanjali herbal detergents.

This heraldry has detergents in two fragrances : one is in rose a and other one is in lemon. However, both these fragrances incorporates the power of neem which is also an anti-bacterial.

Patanjali, recently launched an animated TVC for its detergents on a social media platform. This TVC has got nothing new in it. It starts in a laundry room, where on a slight opening of the door socks, shirts, kurtis and other clothes starts hiding here and there, denying the use of their regular chemical based detergent.

This ad also exhibits worse effects of using harsh detergents, like, color fading and lint problem. At the end of the ad it divulge the benefits of using Patanjali detergents which has power of lemon and margo that fights with bacteria, remove stains and are soft on hand.

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