Parachute Advansed body Lotion’s new ad gives confidence to women to follow their hearts!


For centuries, women in India have been suppressed, manipulated and told to stay within their limits. They have always been told not to attract unnecessary attention towards themselves especially through any revealing clothes. The new Parachute advansed body lotion’s commercial focusses on these unnecessary instructions that women have been receiving through the ages in a dynamic new manner.

This bold advertisement shows women and girls wearing short skirts, backless cholis, low neck blouses, tight jeans and t-shirts without a care in the world as the background narrative tells them not to do all this as they will attract attention which isn’t good for them. Also when she wears sarees, she is told they are “aunty-type” clothes while short hair make them look like boys. The modern woman is confident about herself and likes to do what pleases her most and wearing those clothes that she loves is a part of this confidence.

The Parachute Advansed Body Lotion gives skin that help women to show off their confidence and remain true to themselves. Watch this bold and gutsy commercial here.