Panasonic Diwali Ad – Tribute to Indian Armed Forces


They are away from homes and whether they will return or not, it’s not sure but it’s Diwali and their family members have been waiting for them to celebrate the festival together. They did not came but their news came. Either they were battling with the enemy or they sacrificed their lives. Army and protecting the country is one such job where the soldier can’t think of any other thing other than his Country. He needs to protect his Motherland and far from the battlefield, someone is there waiting for them. There is still a hope that they will come back. Panasonic tributes this precious ad to our Indian Armed Forces – Mujhe Garv Hai.

Every Martyred’s wife once waited for her husband that he will come back but what they feared the most was the landline call that very often said about cancellation of holidays and some time they received the news they didn’t wanted to hear but still they are proud of their husbands. They are proud of that soldier who laid down life for the respect of the Country and they are proud that they are the wives of the Martyrs.

This TVC is a tribute to the soldiers of our country. They are there and this is the reason why we are able to celebrate Diwali. We salute to our Armed Forces and we salute to their passion. They are the ones who celebrate Diwali amidst all the border tension. Yes, We are Proud.

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