New notes not available and old notes not accepted? Watch this Paytm ad ‘Didi – Chinta mat karo, Paytm Karo’ for a simple solution!


With demonetization taking the Indian common man by surprise, day to day transactions have become difficult for a temporary period. At this time, Paytm’s mobile wallet has come to the rescue with its simple and easy transaction methods.

This ad gives us an insight to how this has affected the common man and even then, everyone has become aware of the alternate way of transacting without a hitch.

In this ad, we see a woman speaking to us, worried about how the banning of 500 and 1000 rupee notes is going to affect all of us. She herself has to pay the maid, who is shown working in the background, and the government should at least think about “them”. The turning point in the ad comes when the maid calls out to her employer “Didi” and tells her not to worry about her and simply transfer money into her Paytm account.

The now familiar “Paytm karo” signature tune then plays in the background and “Didi’s” shocked face says it all. The ad is such an eye-opener for people across all classes and Paytm is available for use to everyone. The clean and fresh design of the ad is attractive and eye-catching. The solution to a temporary problem is right in front of our eyes, all we need to do is download the Paytm app and get going.

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