New Maggi Masala Sauce to Make Your Snacks Yummier – Nice ad


An international brand of seasonings, instant soups and noodles and sauces- Maggi, is a source of reliable and nutritional intake of every human being. Maggi Sauces- ‘Rich Tomato Ketchup’, Maggi Hot & Sweet Tomato chilli sauce’, ‘the Tangy’, ‘rich tomato sauce (no onion & garlic) and ‘chatkaaredar imli pichkoo’, all are integral part of Indian households.

Maggi has launched its unique flavor of its famous Maggi masala in a sauce. The commercial featuring a young couple is promoting the new product with all new freshness of Maggi masala in a sauce- ‘Maggi masala sauce’.

The young boy in the TVC offers his girlfriend homemade samosas with the new ‘Maggi masala sauce’ and turns away to make tea for his girlfriend. The girlfriend instead of eating samosas, first tastes the new Maggi masala sauce and gets pleasantly surprised to have rich Maggi masala taste in the sauce. She picks the sauce bottle on the table and seeing the new Masala sauce by Maggi gets very excited and thank her boyfriend for the same.

The Swiss brand Maggi (owned by Nestle) has been a big part of urban Indian diet for decades now. Maggi masala is a popular seasoning in Indian spice market and now is added into a sauce which is sure to attract and comfort more and more people.

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