Mother and Old Man Christmas Ads by Elkjøp are Really Touching


Elkjøp is an electronics chain in Norway, the recent advertisement released in Dec 2016 during Christmas has heartwarming and poignant message about gifting. Something unspoken between the giver and the recipient of the gift.

The TV Commercial titled The Old Man was done by Bacon, DDB Stockholm advertising agencies. Here the ad showcases a lonely widowed man being given a Sony Playstation 4 and two controllers by his equally lonely neighbor.

Another ad shows a son who gives his mom, undergoing chemotherapy with shortened hair , a hairdryer so she can use it  when her locks grow back.

In each scenario in the advertisement there are  no words spoken, however the unspoken weight of feeling is substantial. It is sometimes difficult to tell someone what you really think and feel.  The catchphrase is that the gift “can say it all. ”

The gift from Elkjøp during holidays actually reminds us to show compassion and love, no matter what divides us .Specially during holidays and Christmas its a way to say something which has been thought for long and never said.

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