McDowell ‘Yaaron Se Bane Hum’- Mera No.1 celebrates No.1 Yaari with this nice ad


With the slogan- ‘Mera No.1 (My No.1), McDowell is in existence since many years now. A subsidiary of the DIAGEO GROUP- United Spirits Limited (USL), manufactured an Indian brand of spirits- McDowell No.1.

This brand has always kept friends united and has always been a brand ambassador for reunions and gatherings. Similar is conveyed by a very cute TVC by McDowell, where three friends are heading towards a reunion from their busy lives. They are recollecting their old memories of many sweet and sour incidents and trekking and much more. They are laughing and talking and inspiring each other to succeed with each single step taken with courage and confidence.

Two friends tell their third friend to not to be afraid of anything in life as they all are always going to celebrate ‘No.1 Yaari’ and fly at new heights together. The third friend has an artificial leg and still feels confident enough to dive into a waterfall from a great height after his friends boost his inner faith, knowing that he has his friends along and they will never let him drown.

‘Yaari ki baatein’- by the brand McDowell No.1 soda describes no fear, self-confidence to achieve a next levels of dreams achievement.

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