McDonald’s 20 year Journey in India is Traced through a Beautiful Heart-touching ad


McDonald’s made a rousing entry into India exactly 20 years ago and has been a part of Indian family outings since then. This ad captures the travel of a young couple through the passage of time in a touching way and reminds us of some memorable moments we have spent at a McDonald’s outlet.

The ad begins with a young boy and a girl sitting beside each other and how they get acquainted with each other over a Happy Meal. Their relationship grows and they both find love and bonding in it as it goes through its ups and downs as any normal couple would experience. The sensitive moments of their relationships are captured well in this crisp and emotional advertisement. All the important moments of their lives has McDonald’s as a background and it is present even when their relationship culminates into marriage.

Cut to Present day scenario, where the same couple is shown celebrating their son’s birthday. The child is sitting beside a little girl and they too get to know each other as the boy picks up the Happy Meal toy that’s lying on the floor and hands it over to the girl. The parents watch this scene unfold before their eyes and hug each other, reminiscing of the days past.

The ad is able to connect to us quickly and gives us a peek into the past while reminding us how McDonald’s has given us some great moments to treasure.

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