Marriot Shaadi ad is Simply Emotional


Relations has everything and when it’s between a father and her daughter, it’s priceless. A father has seen his daughter growing before his eyes and lived every moment as well as cherished the moments with her. There comes a day in the father’s life and also in the daughter’s life when she is getting married and it’s her father who will do all the best for her. He would treat her like a princess as he already did from the day she was born and when the time comes, he makes sure that he will leave no stone unturned. This beautiful ad from Shaadi by Marriot presents you a beautiful story of a father and a daughter.

This is a beautiful arrangement from Marriot where a father has arranged a daughter’s marriage and ensure that she looks as beautiful as she can, as a princess would look in her wedding while the two shares and emotional bond from the day they are introduced to each other. The wedding in Marriot ensures that every moment is lived beautifully that feels like home.

Shaadi by Marriot gives you the feel you desire.

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