Mahila Police Volunteers are here to Enhance Women Safety- Watch how you can help this initiative by Govt. of India


Women Security is an extremely critical and high priority concern for every government organization in India and given the crimes that occur against women, it is time for the common man to take up responsibility than depending upon the police every time. In order to enhance and support this initiative, Ministry of Women & Child Development Government of India has introduced “Mahila Police Volunteers”. Under this initiative, any girl who has completed 21 years and has passed Std. 12th, can volunteer for this prestigious job and help the police to do their job more efficiently.

This short film shows us the various situations under which an MPV-Mahila Police Volunteer can help solve various issues like eve-teasing, domestic violence etc. In event of the necessity for a police intervention, the MPV can call the local police and alert them about a specific situation. This will ensure that the situation does not get out of hand and the police department is also strengthened with more man power at hand.

The aim is to provide one MPV per Gram Panchayat and ensure that women feel safe and secure. Cases of eve-teasing, dowry deaths, domestic beatings, kidnappings etc. can be easily addressed if an MPV is available at the root level. It also gives the girl-child and women the confidence and strength to face the outside world.

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