Maaza Father Daughter Ad, Keeps Us Hooked


Its very rightly said that, ‘Mango is the king of all the fruits’ especially in India, we just love to indulge the pleasure of devouring sweet and juicy mangoes. Maaza is one of the most distinguished brand in India selling mango juice since 1976. It’s an awesome option for the people who prefers less to have aerated drinks.

This brand fathoms that people in India have great inclination toward mangoes and the same they have featured in their ads; whether it’s Varun Dhawan’s Maaza ad or the latest one featuring Anjan Srivastava and Jennifer Winget as father daughter duo. This ad outsets with Anjan gobbling and and digging into the juicy slices of mangoes and when the daughter Jennifer tries to have one, the father takes the plate in his hand, signifying his greed for mangoes.

Now the daughter is ruminating thoughts of snatching those mango slices from her father and in that Maaza bottle drops in. The daughter finds it better than those mango slices and later the father also wants to indulge in the same. This ad lasts for 36 seconds and is somewhat same like it’s preceding Maaza ad of Varun Dhawan but still it keeps us hooked.

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