Lia Lavenderz Ad – Fragrance that lit you up

Lia Lavenderz Ad – Fragrance that lit you up

Ads today have the best of creativity. They will make you think and make you laugh and Lia Lavenderz’s TVC is the best product definition.

We usually want lavenderz whose fragrance suits us and also pours its good smell around us. Lia Lavenders is that fragrance.

In the TVC, depicted in the most hilarious way which shows two dead people – Husband and Wife in separate frames are talking to each other.

The old woman’s frame is slightly tilted and they are having a conversation and the very moment their daughter in law fixed the frame as she lit up the Lia Lavenderz after which they started feeling good.

The fragrance is so good that even you would like to keep it in your home and use it on a regular basis and also good pouring will make you feel good and fresh.

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