LG’s New Microwave ad – This is a Child’s play


It cooks easy like Mom. The new microwave oven from LG is simply superb that lets you cook in minutes. Enhanced with new features, LG’s new microwave oven is specially designed to save time and energy. This TVC is specially featured for women’s who deserve to be special for special moments of life. She has to be special and so her moments too and this is why LG has come up with this new innovation that certainly leads her life.

The TVC features a beautiful mother getting ready while on the other side a surprise awaits for her. A cake recipe is being prepared and kept in the microwave oven. As the dishes got ready, the mother is all set for her beautiful and awesome evening. The dishes in the microwave oven heats faster and then her son opened the door for her wishing her Happy Birthday Mom. As she cuts the cake, she tastes her own recipe in the dish prepared by her son.

LG’s new Microwave oven is made for her and her preciousness.

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