Let’s unbox Diwali for our everyday Heroes – Snapdeal superb ad


There are heroes around us that serves only us in their everyday routine. There is Diwali for them also but for them, their duty comes first. This is not the first time that we are coming through anything like this. We always knew that there were heroes around us and just for us. It’s Diwali and you could see a policeman on duty, an ambulance on service, a cleaner on duty, a taxi driver on service. Diwali is a festival which is for all and all means our heroes too. Let’s make this Diwali special for them

Diwali stands for unity and unity stands for all. During festival time, we see many thing around us like a policeman guarding the city on the festive while he also has to celebrate Diwali with his family and like this policeman, there are others like, drivers, watchman, our doctors and many other around us. This Diwali make a pledge to unbox Diwali for them who are available only for us. For our heroes out there, this is their Diwali.

Snapdeal unbox Diwali is for our heroes.

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